XPRIZE Workshop

Be Part of the XPRIZE Workshop: Roadmapping the Future of Energy!

Hey Enernerds — What is your vision for our energy future? Have you ever thought about which cutting-edge technologies will take us there? Do we even need new technologies at all? What actions do governments, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and big companies need to take to make your vision of the future a reality? And how are all these choices influenced by our basic “energy personalities”?

At SES 2017, 50 of you will get the chance to dive into this hands-on, interactive workshop will give you the chance to tackle all these questions and more in a fun, fast-pace environment. Join your fellow Student Energy delegates and the XPRIZE team in a future-casting game that is guaranteed to make you think, laugh, challenge your assumptions, and empower you to create a positive energy future. Want in? here’s what you have to do:

  1. Take the Energy Personality Quiz (below)
  2. Share your results on social media
  3. Fill out this form  by June 9 to let us know you want into the workshop

If you haven’t heard about the XPRIZE, you need to. XPRIZE is an innovation engine. A facilitator of exponential change. A catalyst for the benefit of humanity. They believe in the power of competition to create change. In the world of energy, they’ve started on the Carbon XPRIZE but that’s only the beginning.

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