After 2 full days of conferences, you’ll be able to put your knowledge and what you have learned during Summit into practice.

Workshops are aimed at allowing you to interact closely with the speakers and other participants. And building new skills from with the topics you are more passionate about.


You can choose between attending two half-day workshops or one full day workshop.

Full day workshops


Sustainability and Solar Energy Science – Dr Antonio del Río, CeMie Sol

Through this workshop you will learn to detect opportunity areas in the energy sector, specifically in sustainability and innovation. Participants will work in groups to come up with innovative solutions for present and future problems in the energy sector. The workshop focuses in Solar energy, but other types of renewable energy will also be debated.


Wind Turbines Contest – SES2017 & SOEMA

Delegates, gathered in teams, will have to design and build a scaled wind turbine with recycled materials. The turbines will be tested to see which is the most efficient for electric energy generation.

ENSIGHT, the complex dynamics of the power markets – Luis Guajardo

Ensight is a board game that allows you to learn about the complex dynamics of the power markets in an engaging way.

• Learn the basics on supply and demand curves using the electricity sector as an example.
• Understand how the free market works – the market optimizes the total cost of electricity in socio-economic terms.
• Learn how countries can share their infrastructure and optimize the cost of electricity across interconnectors.
• Learn about the effect of weather conditions such as wet, dry years and intermittent wind or solar resources.

Appropriate Technology by INFRARURAL – Emilia Ruvalcaba

Appropriate Technology considers local perspectives and experiences as the best source for technological innovation in order to meet their own needs. Their views also allow for proper prioritization of solutions and a more effective use of resources for their implementation.  The idea is to generate more holistic and inclusive development projects with the potential of having a better reception and participation, as well as an overall ownership.

Wind and Sustainable Development by Wind Empowerment – Jessica Rivas

Get behind the process of developing a Wind project to electrify communities without convencional access to this service.

International Negotiations by Centre of Analysis of Disputes and their Modes of Solution

Now more than ever, international negotiations have become crucial to the energy sector. This workshop will introduce participants to basic negotiations skills and techniques. They will work in small groups to  simulate a negotiation of the oil market, where they will be able to understand how international decision-making is made and will get feedback in return.

Eco-project Design by Mérida’s City Council – Ms. Stella Zhang Ning

Participants will be divided in teams to work alongside a local mentor, in the design and development of an  Environmental Education Program Design focussing on one of the following topics:

  1.  Waste Management
  2.  Nature & Culture Connection
  3.  Biodiversity
  4.  Water Story
  5.  Air Pollution
  6.  Renewable Energy


Ramping up Innovation – XPRIZE

How to use your innovative and creative capacities to change the world?


Half day workshops



Women In Energy by Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean – Dr. Tanya Moreno Coronado

Women have played an important role in the building of our societies and in the construction of solutions for the challenges humanity has faced. This hasn’t been without a constant struggle which still continues today.


Energy Poverty – Dr. Rigoberto García Ochoa (Colegio de la Frontera Norte) & Jorge Villareal (Iniciativa Climética de México)

Learn more about the different dimensions of Energy Poverty and how does it impact our societies.


Just transition by Fundación Friedrich Ebert México – Manuela Matthess

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without addressing Climate Change and especially without transforming our energy systems towards low-carbon and climate resilient solutions. The Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both recognize the transformational challenges that come with such a process and provide a framework to shape it politically. It goes without saying that such mitigation policies aiming to provide a way out of carbon-intensive industries will also have massive effects on employment.

A global energy transformation and a just transition towards a low carbon economy are possible as long as it is made sure that the process is fair, just and socially inclusive and will not lead to unemployment and social distress. A just transition is equally needed to smooth the massive structural shift from carbon-intensive industries that drive climate change to a low-carbon and more sustainable economy.
The workshop aims at discussing to what extent the two global agendas can support a global energy transformation and how to make sure that just transition approaches are taken into consideration.



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