Mérida, the White City, is one of México’s most beautiful. Therefore, it was easy for us to find the perfect set of venues to host the International Student Energy Summit 2017.

Teatro Peón contreras

One of the most important theaters in Mexico, named after José Peón Contreras, poet, novelist, dramatist, and politician of Yucatán. This theater is a cultural gem. Built in the neoclassic French Style it is the perfect setting for international performances, art exhibitions, concerts and, of course, the Opening Ceremony of the International Student Energy Summit 2017. 

The MACAY Revolution Passage

Next to the Cathedral of Mérida is the Athenian Contemporary Art Museum of Yucatán (MACAY), which was originally the Episcopal Palace. This building, an example of colonial architecture, hosts the most important contemporary art collection in all of South East México. Between MACAY and the Cathedral lies the Revolution Passage, a semi-open hall resplendent with art, and the perfect venue for hosting hundreds of people in a networking cocktail event.

Siglo XXI Convention Center

Located to the north of Mérida and inspired by the Mayan civilization,  the convention center is the ideal location to host the Summit. Its location, near the Historical Center of the city and close to the most important hotels makes it easily accessible. The Conventions Center has 20,900 square meters of indoor space and can accommodate up to 6,500 attendants. This majestic place will host all the Summit panels.

The Science and Technology Park of Yucatán

The Science and Technology Park of Yucatán is where the technology development and prowess of Yucatán are displayed. The park integrates the skills and best qualities of the academy, government and industry in order to promote education and the state’s economy. This world class park is about 30 minutes from the Convention Center and provides an inspiring venue inspired by nature and technological innovation for the Summit’s workshops



Great Museum of the Mayan World

The Great Museum of the Mayan World is an avant-garde cultural space that houses some of Yucatán’s greatest treasures. The museum’s objective is to present Mayan culture not as an archaeological relic but rather as a living culture. Due to its modern design and innovative architecture the museum has won several awards, the most recent was its nomination as one of the best emerging cultural destination at the ‘Leading Cultural Destination Awards’ in London this year. With wide terraces, an IMAX projection room, and spectacular nighttime illumination, it sets the ideal ambience for delegates, providing a mixture of history, culture and modernity.


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