UNAM is one of the most important cultural projects worldwide. Its roots date back to 1551, making it one of the oldest universities in America, and today, with over 300,000 students, it is the 15th largest university in the world. The University has thousands of buildings spread across the country dedicated to teaching and research.


UNAM has a faculty of more than 37,000 professors, including 11,000 full time researchers. It is thanks to this inspiring faculty that UNAM produces the most scientific research of any Latin American universities. Energy research is, of course, an important topic that the University takes very seriously.

The Renewable Energy Institute of UNAM (IER-UNAM) performs basic and applied scientific research on energy, with an emphasis on renewable sources. The Institute boosts the development of sustainable technologies and disseminates its acquired knowledge to improve our communities, country, and the planet.

Outside of Mexico, UNAM alumni have also stood out. Mario Molina, Octavio Paz, and Alfonso García Robles have each won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Literature, and Peace respectively. Of the nine Mexicans that has been awarded the Asturias Prince Award, all studied at UNAM. Similarly, all Mexican winners of the Cervantes Literature Award, the most prestigious such award in Spanish speaking countries, are UNAM alumni. The University is a highly regarded and consistently top-ranked national and international school.

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