The Team

The team behind SES2017 are students just like you. We are a multidisciplinary group striving to move our world towards a sustainable energy future. We represent a range of disciplines and several of México’s best universities.

The Chairs

Santiago Espinosa de los Monteros Harispuru


Nickname: Feel free to send suggestions

Degree & University: Renewable Energy Engineering at UNAM

Santiago is a Mexican student aiming to become a Renewable Energy Engineer. In the meantime, he seeks to connect young energy enthusiasts from all around the world to inform, inspire, and unite the future energy leaders of our society. During his free time he enjoys juggling, camping, hiking, traveling, and writing about himself in the third person.

Mexican song: Mátalas

Slang expression: Fuego

Ariel Goldin Marcovich

Marketing Vice Chair

Nicknames: El Gogles, Arilove, Pokemon, Ryan Goldin, El Green Goblin, GoldBling, Macrobeach, Goldwin, Goldwing, El Pokemonster, Atizapan, El Navajas, El niño carton, Lagartijo gigante, Dj Goldin, La Garrocha humana del amor, Arikrisna, Aritranz, El Chupalento, El Judio justo, El Latin Goblin

Degree & University: Mechanical Engineering at UNAM

I like to cook, climb, build and to challenge myself because it’s fun and I’ve come to like fun.

Mexican song: Aquí no es asi


Daniela Gavaldón Eichelmann

Program Vice Chair

Nickname: Dan

Degree & University: Chemical Engineering at UNAM

I am really hyperactive, and I am also a super nerd. I love to learn new things and I love practicing sports, especially soccer and cycling. I enjoy reading and cooking in my free time, when I have some. I feel a great responsibility to contribute to our world. Apathy is our greatest enemy and the only way we are going to make a difference is by by joining the cause. Because we only have one world and it’s the time to save it.

Mexican song: El Baile y el Salón


Iván Bolaños Romero

Partnerships Vice Chair

Nickname: Ivansito, Minion, Chueco, Chefsito

Degree & University: Renewable Energy Engineering at UNAM

I love traveling and pandas. What drives me is the idea of a sustainable future. I love writing.

Mexican song: I don’t like music


Alexia Dosal Audirac

Local Impact Director

Gabriel Filtzer Gorbach

Logistics Director

Andrea Ortega Segundo

Finance Director

Nicolás Legorreta de la Macorra

Fundraising Director


Luis Angeles Alvarez

Recruitment Director


Alejandra Villegas Vieyra

Delegate Relations Director


The Teams


Alejandra Villegas

Internal Logistics


Manuel Vaca

Public Relations


Martha Pérez Reséndiz

Social Media


Ximena Andion

Social Media


Luis Roberto Ángeles Álvarez

Delegate Recruitment Manager


Taku Yamada Kubo

Delegate Recruitment Associate


Gaby Monroy

International Relations Manager


Rodrigo Salazar

International Relations Associate


Nuria Fernández



Camila Barragán

Director of the Nordic Region


Natalia Pelayo Pavón

Program Developer and Knowledge Transfer Manager


Santiago Martínez Sosa

Program Developer


Susana Balcázar

Program Developer


Inés Hernández

Program Developer


Estefania Villavicencio Montoya

Program Developer


Astrid Morales Rivera

Program Developer


Fernanda Arellano Yeo

Program Developer


Cesia de Paz

Program Developer


Diego Delmar

Partnerships Associate


Georges Salame

Partnerships Associate


Sebastián Villalvazo Sulzer

Finance Associate

     Logistics & Production

Yazú Romero

Event Logistics and Production


María Villamil

Event Logistics and Production

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