The Conversation

As we have done at previous International Student Energy Summits, the conversation during SES2017 will revolve around Student Energy’s three main pillars: Markets and Regulations, Technology and Innovation, and Global Energy Dynamics. Diverse perspectives on political, technical, economic and social aspects of energy are always encouraged. The program is built by students for students and as such we hope to inspire new ways of thinking and an overall collaboration of ideas and approaches.

Keynote sessions

The Sustainable Development Goals and their implications for the future of energy.
Panel discussion

The new financial mechanisms that will make the energy transition succeed.
Panel discussion

Breakout sessions                 

Is current technology ready for the energy transition? What’s next?
Storage, smart grids and transmition.

Renewables: challenges, opportunities and projections
What are the next steps for the Renewable Energy Industry.

The role of fossil fuels in the future of the Energy Sector
Coal, oil and gas. What role will they play in the next few years?

Materials: the building blocks of the energy transition
Clean energy materials, key elements for technology and innovation

Energy Efficiency
Its potential to change the way we consume energy as a global society.

Eating energy, drinking food, and harvesting water
The nexus between water, food and energy.

Cities and the Energy Transition
Making urbanism smart to meet climate goals

Electrify Everything
How increasing use of electricity can lead to decarbonization

Fostering Innovation
Innovation does not happen, it is stimulated, how do we catalyze this process to find better energy solutions?

Energy: the moving force behind most geopolitical conflicts
How a smarter use of our energy resources can bring us closer to peace.

The price of oil: Where is it? Who took it? Is it coming back?
Exploring the dynamics of oil prices, its causes and implications    

 How are people included in our new future?
Working with marginalized communities for a just future.

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