Releasing Potential


The Convergence of Two Stories

On the one hand, we have Latin America: the region will need to double its actual electricity generation by 2030, which represents a new installed capacity of approximately 600 GW. This challenge represents an opportunity to transform the energy industry of the region by aiming to make it more sustainable. Even as it is right now, a staggering 54% of its energy requirements are being supplied by hydroelectric generation, making Latin America the cleanest energy producing region in the world. Our non-conventional renewable energy potential is unparalleled, especially because we not only have access to sun, wind, and geothermal energies, but all of these energy resources are widely abundant throughout the region. It is a region of potential.


On the other hand, we have students. There are many influential and recognized leaders around the world, but they still represent a small proportion of society. Students, however, have the numbers, enthusiasm, and commitment to make great change. What can 800 students do, if each is treated as a potential world-changer and future world-leader? What if they were provided with the right ideas, the right examples, and then put together with other likeminded students? This has an infinite potential for transforming the world.

SES2017 will gather 800 students from around the world in México. Collectively, these students hold the potential to transform the world as we know it today and transition our world towards a  sustainable energy future. These are the students who create the energy technologies, the international treaties, the national policies, and the companies that will get us there. Once selected to attend SES2017, these students will have the incredible opportunity to spend four days being inspired to take action and make a difference. All of these students have the potential to change this world. Such is the true definition of the word “student”: an entity of potential.


When you gather with like-minded people, receive new and stimulating information, and share a purpose and great potential, you are inspired to strive towards creating more sustainable and equitable communities, regions, and a global society.

What Latin American and students share is their great potential. Both are entities of potential, that presented with the right information, connections, and inspiration, can become something that we do not yet know of, something that changes the world, sets the example, and provides us with a path to get to the sustainable energy future we all want.

Join us in Mérida, México and be a part of this bright future!

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