The state of Yucatán, located in South East México, is the heart of the Mayan culture and is a land of cultural legacy, great traditions and friendly people. The regions history and beautiful scenery draws you into a magical world full of stories, legends and delicious food. This land never ceases to amaze. Here, textures blend the past and present into a combination of colors and flavors; history and modernity coexist here like in no other place around the world.


Mérida exemplifies the very best of Yucatán and is the epicentre for exploring all aspects of the Mayan World. More than four centuries ago, the White City became the center of the political, economic and cultural activities in the Caribbean. Mérida was founded in 1542 above the Mayan city of Tho. During the colonial period, the city became the headquarters of the Spanish government in the peninsula. Today museums, parks, markets and outdoor cafes make Mérida a fascinating and cosmopolitan city steeped history.

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