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Yucatán is one of the most beautiful states in Mexico, here you will find a vast diversity of natural resources, different attractions and a more than rich cultural heritage. Nonetheless, the state still faces social and environmental challenges.


We are convinced that it is our responsibility to give back to the place that is hosting SES 2017. Moreover, we believe that your experience will be highly enriched if you take part in applied projects in the region that can have long-lasting positive impacts today. For these reasons, we have prepared a Social Work Program focused on energy access, efficiency and sustainable development.


From June 17th to June 21st, you will have the chance to be involved in one of the two following projects, which will be implemented with the guidance of our partners. On top of bringing change to local communities, the program includes some laydown time in Merida, as well as a tourism day, where you will have the chance to explore Yucatan’s wonders.


The program has been built in collaboration with Nomad Republic


Getting ready

Before introducing you to the community you will be working alongside, our partner NGOs will give an introductory talk as well as some training to prepare you for the specific program you sign up to.


The tourism day

After the Summit, we invite you to visit one of Yucatan’s many Cenotes. This natural swimming holes, distributed all over the state, are something out of this world. Just imagine jumping into a clear blue swimming pool in the middle of the jungle, you don’t want to miss on the experience!

This day was considered to give you a small break before getting into the real work!


The 3 days of Social Work

During the following three days, you will travel to the community to work with fellow delegates and the local population. We have been very careful when choosing our partners to ensure this is done in the best possible way. All along, you will interact with the local population, sharing not only the workplace but also meals and free time. We hope to make this experience as enjoyable for both sides, as possible.


The Project

Efficient Wood Stoves – Clean Cooking



In Mexico, it is estimated that almost 80% of all rural homes use wood as a source of energy. This has two main consequences. First the important levels of deforestation the practice requires, and secondly, as it is used for cooking, the high rate of respiratory diseases it entails, along with its multiple complications.
Infrarural, has worked on this issue from a technological aspect, and they have come up with an Efficient Wood Stove design adapted to the mexican context.   

If you decide to be part of this program you will be involved in the installation of Efficient Wood Stoves; providing clean cooking to the families of Sotuta and reducing up to 576 tons of Co2 emissions per year by avoiding the logging of 1600 trees and saving the families from kitchen pollution.




Deforestation is one the world’s most pressing issues; being one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions and responsible for biodiversity loss. Mexico is not the exception. To preserve its natural richness and diversity, it is important to bring awareness to the communities and incorporate programs that promote forests’ conservation and reforestation of affected areas.

As a complement to the project, you SES will be involved in the reforestation of 5000 trees, creating awareness among the local population and preserving the beauty of the state.


How To Get Involved

Select the Community Contribution Program option when Registering for the conference.

Our sponsors are generously funding these projects. Your personal admission fee covers accommodation, transportation, breakfasts, lunches, and a donation for the efficient wood stoves. All of the personal Admission Fee is invested back in the community.


If you have any questions regarding the Community Contribution Program, please email


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