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Being one of the 30 winners of this contest will get you an all-paid trip to México to attend the International Student Energy Summit.


  • Read carefully through the 3 articles below
  • Choose the one you find most interesting and which best relates to your personal strengths and expertise
  • Choose the best method to present your opinion and a possible solution (infographic, short video, an animation, draw my life, essay, mind map, podcast…)
  • Like the EKLA (/EKLAKAS) and SES 2017 (/SES17) Facebook pages
  • Upload your submission to your social media channels and be sure to tag EKLA and SES with the hashtags #EKLAinEnergy and #SES2017
  • Make sure your post is set to PUBLIC so we can see it!
  • Share your post with your friends, and invite them to comment, like, and share to generate a conversation
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and fill out this form with your basic information and the link to your submission
  • The winners will receive a full flight and hotel bursary and Admission Fee discount to join us in Mérida, México for the 2017 International Student Energy Summit
  • Entries must be made between February 8 and March 20


Any Latin American or the Caribbean student older than 18 years old, with a high English level, who wants to attend SES 2017 can participate.


THEME: Latin America, a region of Potential

We need to change the way we produce, distribute,  store, and use energy. A transition is needed.

Latin America has all the potential to make that transition happen. Natural renewable resources are widely available throughout the region, and there are many ways in which they can be responsibly used for equitable development.

On the other hand, our region’s greatest resource is our youth. Students have the potential to transform the world as well as adults. Learn about it and facilitate the transition to a sustainable world by inventing the technologies, creating the international treaties, forming the national policies, and founding the companies we need to take us there. There are still many challenges to face, but why not start right now?

The articles present 3 energy related issues in the region. We want your opinion on how we can work together to solve them.





  • February 8th – Competition starts, upload submissions, start the conversation!
  • March 20th – Competition closes
  • March 25th – Winners chosen and notified


The SES 2017 and EKLA team will pick up to 30 full flight grant winners and 30 Admission Fee discounts based on:

  • How you justified which article you selected
  • Your analysis of the article and the issue it illustrated
  • The potential solution you presented
  • Being able to generate interaction and a discussion on social media around your submission
  • Originality and creativity of the submission format


  1. Read the articles thoroughly and inform yourself in more depth about the issues they present.
  2. Choose the format that you think best communicates your analysis and proposals. We encourage creativity (infographics, a video, a draw my life, an animation, a podcast or even a gif) but don’t disregard a written submission.
  3. Make your submission early! The sooner it’s uploaded to social media, the greater a conversation you can generate and the more chances you get to win a flight for the Summit.


If you have any questions, please write to contests@studentenergy.org


Competition Sponsored by The Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America (EKLA) of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)


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