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For Students

Designed for students by students. SES educates delegates on current trends in energy, provides valuable networking opportunities and connects students from over 120 countries


Not your typical conference. SES combines presentations with interactive brainstorming sessions, case studies, and collaboration with innovative energy leaders


Energy doesn't work in silos, neither does SES. The multidisciplinary program pushes students out of their comfort zones - challenging everyone to understand new perspectives


SES unites student leaders from across the world who share the common goal of shaping our energy future. Join students from over 120 countries as we shape our energy future


Leaving a mark on the world, SES is a movement of young leaders committed to accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future and implementing tangible action

The Movement

The Movement

Young leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future


Since 2009 the International Student Energy Summit has been hosted in Canada, Norway and Indonesia

The Movement

Young leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future

The Hosts

A country, a university and a city perfect to hold this grand event

Student Energy & The Summit

SES 2017
The 800 students

Brilliant young minds from more than 120 countries will join together as we become the leaders of tomorrow's energy system.

SES 2017
The speakers

Top leaders of the global energy system will share knowledge and collaborate with the delegates.

SES 2017
The partners

The partners that make this possible are leading energy companies, government agencies, and academic institutions who support the talent needed for our ever-changing world of energy.

ses 2017

Educate students on energy and sustainability by helping them to understand the challenges and opportunities that face our global energy system.

ses 2017

like-minded students motivated to lead the world to a sustainable energy future.

ses 2017

students with the knowledge and courage to challenge the energy system.

The Team

Entirely for students by students, the team that will make this happen is a proven, multidisciplinary group of students from some of the best universities of Mexico City, led by UNAM.

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